Del. Lawmakers Consider Constitutional Carry Proposal


A Delaware legislative committee has heard testimony on a proposal to eliminate the requirement of a concealed carry permit for someone 21 years of age or older and not prohibited from having a firearm.

State Senator David Lawson, R-Marydel said 20 states have similar provisions, which he says help law-abiding citizens carry a firearm for protection. He added that the proposal would bring Delaware Code into conformity with Article One, Section 20 of the Delaware Constitution.

The constitutional carry bill (SB 172) was reviewed Wednesday by members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Lawson said he will continue fighting to have it released from committee.

“As I noted in my comments and members of the public echoed, this legislation is aimed at allowing law-abiding Delawareans to better protect themselves and their families. Additionally, Maine, New Hampshire, and other states have seen a decrease in their crime rates in the years following their enactment of Constitutional Carry or similar measures,” Lawson stated on social media.