Del. Lawmakers Seek More Say Regarding States Of Emergency

Two state lawmakers from Sussex County want to put a check on a governor’s ability to modify or extend states of emergency.

Senator Bryant Richardson of Seaford and Representative Rich Collins of Millsboro have file a bill that would require legislative approval to any extension of its initial 30 days. According to Collins, repeated extensions of the COVID-19 State of Emergency under Governor John Carney have left out the legislative branch of government.

“Under the emergency situation, the people’s voice, which is the Senators and Representatives they have elected, have been completely cut out of the process,” Collins said.

Collins and Richardson said their bill should not be viewed as a criticism of Governor John Carney, but rather as a reaction to the flaws of Delaware’s current State of Emergency law that the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed. The bill, House Bill 49, is currently pending action in the House Administration Committee. It is similar to legislation introduced by the same two lawmakers last year.

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