Del. Lawmaker Wants More Numbers To Back Minimum Wage Discussion


The Delaware Controller General Office may be asked to develop a local economic impact analysis of legislation that would increase Delaware’s minimum wage.

State Representative Bryan Shupe, R-Milford is introducing a bill that he says would help guide lawmakers and Delawareans. The economic analysis could be facilitated by the Controller General Office or contracted out.

 “The proponents of this bill cited in past press releases that the cost would only be $40 million. This number comes from the Controller Generals Office at the State of Delaware that by law gives the price tag on only what the bill is specifically asking for. The Office has done its job, as the bill states that it intends to bring State employees up to minimum wage at $15 per hour,” Shupe said. “What this number does not include is the cost to taxpayers when, as a responsible employer, the State of Delaware takes other employees that currently make $15 or above and give them an equitable raise. The quoted $40 million also does not include the increased costs on state contracts. As the labor costs go up for jobs being completed by outside contractors for the State, so will the overall costs for those contracts.”

Shupe added that he was certain analysis would determine the positive and negative impacts of raising the minimum wage to $15.