Del. Legislation Targets Fake COVID-19 Vax Cards


Fake COVID-19 vaccination cards are targeted in new legislation filed in the Delaware General Assembly.

The measure (HB 302) would add a definition of phony vaccination cards to the crime of second-degree forgery.

“More and more, we have seen cases of individuals forging vaccination cards to circumvent guidelines or requirements to get vaccinated. This isn’t just dishonest; it’s also a public health risk that could put susceptible people in jeopardy by being around someone claiming to be vaccinated against a serious virus,” Representative Paul Baumbach, D-Newark said. “By adding this definition to the forgery statute, we will be giving prosecutors another tool to combat this growing crime.”

“Public health should be a paramount concern for all Delawareans,” State Senator Kyle Evans Gay, D-Talleyville added. “Anyone who would endanger the welfare of others by misrepresenting their vaccination status, or helping someone else to misrepresent their vaccination status, should be held accountable under the laws of our state.”