Del. Marijuana Bill Fails To Clear Hurdle In House


For the first time in nearly four years, a bill that would regulate and legalize recreational use of cannabis (marijuana) by adults in Delaware received a vote in the House of Representatives Thursday. And, like in 2018, it did not get enough votes to pass.

House Bill 305 would have required a two-thirds super majority, but it did not reach that threshold Thursday. It was reintroduced earlier this year and passed a House committee.

The bill’s sponsor, Representative Ed Osienski, D- Brookside, Newark area, released this statement:

“For the past several years, the majority of Delawareans have been clear that they support legalizing recreational marijuana for adult users. We have heard from numerous members of the public – advocates, veterans, retired law enforcement officers, educators and even faith leaders – who have overwhelmingly voiced support for legalizing adult recreational marijuana.

During that time, we have had numerous meetings with stakeholders, made several changes to our legislation, and engaged lawmakers to answer their questions and attempt to address their concerns. After all of this effort, I believe we owed it to the residents of Delaware to hold a full floor debate and vote on this issue.

While I’m deeply disappointed by the outcome, I still firmly believe that Delaware is more than capable of successfully enacting policies for safe and legal cannabis, and I will continue working on this issue to win the support to make it a reality.

For the advocates who have put in the time and effort these past four years, I’m grateful for your support and your passion on this issue, and I hope you will continue to make your voice heard on this issue. Throughout my time in the House, I’ve seen advocates sway opponents to various bills, and I believe legal recreational marijuana for adult users is no different.”