Del. National Guard Members Deployed To Washington


Governor John Carney announced Thursday that members of the Delaware National Guard would be deployed to Washington to assist with efforts to maintain safety and security following Wednesday’s invasion of the U.S. Capitol building.

“After conversations with DC authorities, I am deploying members of the Delaware National Guard to Washington to support law enforcement and ongoing security efforts after the breach of the Capitol,” Carney said in a social media post Thursday morning. “Join me in thanking members of the Delaware National Guard – and all of our first responders – for their service to our state and country.”

The Delaware National Guard said details on the number of people being sent to Washington, the location(s) and the timeline are not being released due to operational security reasons.

Wednesday night, Carney also posted a message as the chaotic events at The Capitol were starting to wind down:

Congress has a constitutional responsibility to uphold the will of the American people and approve the election of a President. The lawless mob at the Capitol today attempted to violently interfere in that constitutional process. Their actions were a disgrace and an affront to our democracy. We had a free and fair election. It’s time to move forward, respect the will of American voters, and go to work on the very serious challenges we face as a country.