Del. PAC Ad Targets Gov. Carney’s Role In Land Deal


A Delaware-based PAC (political action committee) is rolling out an ad that it says exposes Governor John Carney’s role in facilitating a land deal that benefited a top donor and fundraiser.

Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion’s ad, which will air on television in the Philadelphia market that covers Wilmington and Dover, puts the focus on a Kent County land deal.

“This new advertisement exposes Governor Carney for his corrupt embrace of the ‘Delaware Way,’ including his rushing through a land deal that has benefited one of his top donors, John Paradee, to the tune of over $6 million dollars,” CIT spokesman Chris Coffey said. “Unfortunately, this is just another example of Governor Carney’s refusal to prioritize anything other than defending the status quo that works for his cronies and other Delaware elites, while ignoring the needs of Delaware’s most vulnerable groups.”

The ad reads as follows:

Delaware is struggling and poverty is rising while Governor Carney’s cronies gain even more wealth. The state bought this land in 2008 for $2.8 million. But under Governor Carney’s watch, they sold it to one of Carney’s top fundraisers and donors John Paradee for just $275,000. Why is Governor Carney rushing through sweetheart land deals to his donors rather than working for Delaware’s most vulnerable? Our state bought land for $2.8 million and then sold it to a Carney crony for $275,000. Now that crony is selling it for $6.5 million. The Delaware Way works for the Governor’s cronies. Not for us.”

“We’re committed to holding Governor Carney accountable to the racially and economically diverse population he is supposed to serve, rather than just the donors who can keep his political career afloat,” Coffey added.