Del. Primary Date Could Shift


Delaware’s state primary elections would be held the same day as the presidential primary in April, under a bill approved in the House of Representatives Tuesday.

The change would take effect with the 2024 presidential election year. The state primaries in non-presidential election years starting in 2026 would move to that same Tuesday in April.

“When we exercise our right to vote, we should feel empowered and not confused. This bill makes things much clearer when it’s time to cast a ballot on Election Day,” Representative Stephanie T. Boulden, D- Wilmington East said. “This is an important change needed in our elections and will strengthen our democracy, encouraging more people to vote. Consolidating primaries will save the state money, reduce voter confusion and increase turnout. It’s simply the right thing to do.”

House Bill 30 now goes to the State Senate for consideration.

Also Tuesday, the House gave final legislative approval to a bill that would establish an automatic voter registration system at the Division of Motor Vehicles. It would permit all driver’s license applications to serve as voter registration forms, and it would allow the DMV to share the information with the Department of Election, as long as the applicant shows proof of U.S. citizenship.

“Establishing automatic voter registration in Delaware, allows for more voices to be heard, reduces errors and boosts security for everyone in our state,” Representative David Bentz, D- Bear / Newark said. “Voting is a fundamental right and I commend all of my colleagues for prioritizing election reform in the state of Delaware.”

Senate Bill 5 goes to Governor John Carney for his signature.