Del. Report Card Released On Teacher Prep


Delaware is making progress in preparing teachers and specialist educators of the future.

The Delaware Department of Education has released a report providing detailed information on the diversity of candidate classes, student performance outcomes of graduates, employment placement and retention. The DOE noted progress being made by Delaware institutions of higher education in attracting a more diverse class of future educators.

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“Ensuring all of Delaware’s students have equitable access to excellent educators require equipping the next generation of educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the various needs of the students they will educate,” Associate Secretary of Education Jon Neubauer said. “We must continue growing a highly skilled and diverse educator workforce.  The continued efforts made by our colleges and universities to prioritize quality preparation of educators will play a key role in providing our students with access to the very best educators.”

According to the Department of Education:

In 2021 program reports, across all educator preparation programs in Delaware, 1 in 4 candidates identified as an individual of color. There has been a continuous increase of diverse candidates in Delaware EPPs (16% in 2016 being candidates of color, 27% in 2018, and 32% of candidates in 2020). While about 58 percent of Delaware’s student population identifies as a race other than white, only 18 percent of the educator workforce does.

All available performance data is used to classify all programs, whether or not they generated a program report. Overall, the 2021 results show 29 programs categorized as renewed, and 13 programs renewed with conditions. Additionally, 14 programs are classified as a program under further review due to insufficient data. Programs that are renewed with conditions or placed on probation will be required to submit a plan of action for improvement to the Delaware Department of Education. Programs under further review must demonstrate the workforce need the program is meeting and additional evidence of meeting program standards. A state summary is available.