Del. School Funding System to be Studied


The Delaware Department of Education has begun a study into the state’s education  funding system.

The state has contracted with the American Institutes  for Research to analyze current policy and to make  recommendations for improvements. According to the Department, the  focus will be on equity for all students.

A final report is expected in late 2023.

“Delaware’s school funding system is outdated,” Delaware Secretary of Education Mark Holodick said. “We know change is needed, but we must make sure the direction we pursue is the right one for our state. The work of this team will inform our state’s move toward a system that will best support all Delaware students.”

The research team has collectively evaluated and advised on school finance systems in 16 states and “examined alternative approaches to school funding in different states, simulated recommended funding allocations for each district in those states, and determined local tax burdens to achieve the recommended funding levels.”