Del. State Senate Approves $5.1-Billion FY ’23 Operating Budget


A Delaware Fiscal Year operating budget for Fiscal Year 2023 is moving forward in the General Assembly.
The State Senate has approved the spending plan, which totals $5.1-billion.

Spending would grow by 6.8-percent, while revenues are expected to increase by 7.3-percent.

β€œA healthy local economy that is producing good-paying jobs for more and more Delawareans combined with surging corporate tax revenues and a strong real estate market have put our state on solid ground for the coming year,” State Senator Trey Paradee, D-Dover, chair of the Joint Finance Committee said.

β€œThe Joint Finance Committee had a difficult task of balancing numerous, worthwhile funding requests against the need to be responsible. We’ve been able to work together to provide a real raise for state employees and retirees and fund various programs that provide necessary services to residents up and down our state,” JFC Co-chair Representative William Carson, D- Smyrna / Dover said. β€œI’m proud of this budget and what it represents to Delawareans – that we value our workers, teachers, seniors, bus drivers, healthcare workers, parents and children. I’m grateful to the Senate for passing this budget, and I look forward to the House passing it in the coming days.” 

Sponsors highlighted the budget’s increased support of the Purchase of Care program that helps low-income families afford early childhood and after-school education for children up to the age of 12. 
The Senate has also approved and sent to the House a supplemental spending plan of nearly $379-million in one-time expenditures and contingency funds.

Other budget highlights, according to Democratic sponsors: