Del. Sunset Panel Will Consider 9 Entities In 2022


Five councils, three commissions and a committee will be reviewed by the Joint Legislative Oversight and Sunset Committee of the Delaware General Assembly in 2022.

While being selected for review does not indicate problems or concern with an entity’s performance, the process is part of the committee’s commitment to review all applicable agencies, commissions, councils and boards authorized under  Title 29, Chapter 102 of Delaware Code.

“Our job on JLOSC is to revisit bodies created by legislative action over the years to verify whether there is still a genuine public need for them to exist and whether they are performing effectively to meet the need for which they were created in the first place,” Representative Sherry Dorsey Walker, D-Wilmington and co-chair of the JLOSC said. “I want to commend our staff for recommending a slate of public bodies for review this year that will be coming before us for a performance review for the first time ever.”

The committee is made up of five Senators and five Representatives, Two nonpartisan analysts, a legislative attorney, a research analyst, a legislative fellow and an administrative assistant support the committee’s research and activities.

“It’s important to note that JSLOC reviews the public body itself and not the program it oversees,” committee vice-chair Senator Kyle Evans Gay, D-Brandywine Hundred said. “Our main goal is to provide assistance and counsel on how each public body can improve its operations to better meet the public need. Sunsetting a public body is a rare measure used for entities that have concluded their mission or are no longer operational.”

More background was provided by the House Democratic Caucus:

JLOSC is slated to hold an initial, virtual orientation hearing at noon on January 24. A schedule of public hearings for each entity under review is slated to be released in February.

The slate of entities selected for full legislative oversight and sunset review in 2022 includes:

Advisory Council on Pedestrian Awareness and Walkability – First created in 2006, the 18-member council advises the Delaware Department of Transportation on ways to make walking safer by addressing concerns related to pedestrian injuries and fatalities, raising awareness of pedestrian laws and making Delaware’s transportation system safer and more accessible to pedestrians.

Medical Marijuana Act Oversight Committee – Created in 2011, the 9-member committee oversees, evaluates and makes recommendations to the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services and the Delaware General Assembly regarding the First State’s medical marijuana program to ensure patients have access to safe, quality medical marijuana and compassion centers are operating in a safe and effective manner.

Governor’s Commission on Community and Volunteer Service – First established in 2004, the 22-member commission works to advance volunteerism and national service throughout Delaware.

Water Infrastructure Advisory Council – Created in 1994 and repeatedly updated over the years, the 16-member council provides recommendations to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services on loans and grants funded by the Delaware Clean Water State Revolving Fund and the Delaware Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund.

Technology Investment Council – Created in 2002, the 9-member council assesses, advises and makes recommendations on technology-related funding, works to establish a state government technology plan and enforces best practices regarding project management of technology-related efforts.

Family Law Commission – As an advisory body of the Delaware General Assembly, the 16-member commission conducts public hearings and invites public testimony as it reviews and comments on legislation impacting family law and Delaware Family Court. 

Council on Libraries – First established in 1901, the 13-member council advises the Delaware Department of State on matters relating to libraries and library standards to help provide the best possible library services to the residents of Delaware.

Two other entities have been selected for a more focused and preliminary review to determine their current operating status. They include:

Delaware Motion Picture and Television Development Commission – Created in 2015, the 9-member commission is tasked with recommending programs that promote a motion picture and television industry in Delaware, assisting that industry in acquiring permits and market Delaware as a desirable location for film and television locations.

Interagency Council on Adult Literacy – First created in 1991, the 15-member council is responsible for developing an action plan to advance literacy in the First State.