Del. Takes Step Toward Creating Inspector General Position & Office


Legislation to establish the office of an independent inspector general has been introduced in the Delaware General Assembly.
Under the bipartisan-sponsored bill (House Bill 405), the IG office would investigate management and operation of state agencies to look for waste, fraud, abuse, mismanagement, corruption or other conduct harmful to the public interest.
The position would be non-partisan. The inspector general would be found through a process led by a selection panel. Names would be presented to the governor for nomination.

“Recent circumstances highlight the need to have an independent office that could investigate complaints of waste, fraud, and abuse and offer confidentiality and protection for those who step forward to lodge a complaint or an accusation,” State Representative John Kowalko, D-Newark South said. “I’m extremely proud of the bipartisan effort that has allowed us to move forward on behalf of the public’s interest. It will help grow the public’s confidence in our state government.”
The goal of the legislation is to have an Inspector General and office up and running by March 1st, 2023.

“Good government and transparency are at the heart of the public’s interest,” State Representative Mike Smith, R-Pike Creek said. “Those are not partisan ideals so I’m glad to be joining efforts with Rep. Kowalko and thank him for his partnership to support a more efficient, effective, open and transparent government and to make our state government more accountable to every constituent up and down the state.”