Delaware Congresswoman pressed on issues of Abortion, Gun Control at Town Hall in Georgetown


Delaware Congresswoman Lisa Blunt-Rochester was pressed on a host of issues at a town hall Thursday night in Georgetown.

Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester held her “Congressional Conversations” event Thursday night in the auditorium of Delaware Technical Community College in Georgetown.

Among the topics discussed were controversial issues such as late term abortion, which the Congresswoman said is not an easy decision for any woman to make and that for her it’s a personal one.

“The decision that any woman would have to make to do that is not an easy one, and a very personal one between them, their doctor, and their God,” the Congresswoman said. “I have my own personal beliefs, but I’m here representing the constitution. It’s a personal issue as well as a constitutional issue right now, and until things change in the court my goal is to obey the law.”

Also discussed was the issue of gun control, one man asked the Congresswoman “why do the politicians want to confiscate my gun?”

Congresswoman Blunt Rochester was quick to say, “Let me be clear, I don’t!” and stressed that she supports the Second Amendment.

“I believe in the Second Amendment,” Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester said. “You’re hearing it right out of my mouth and not in a letter, I support the Second Amendment and I support common sense gun reforms.”

This was the one of the first Town Hall events the Congresswoman has held in Sussex County since assuming office in the 2016 election.