Delaware Congresswoman votes in favor of Iran War Powers Resolution

U.S. Rep. Lisa Blunt-Rochester (D-DE)

Delaware Congresswoman Lisa Blunt-Rochester voted in favor of a War Powers Resolution that limits the President’s ability to engage militarily with Iran.

Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester issued a statement following the vote, saying “the action taken by President Trump represents a rapid escalation and strategic setback in diplomatic relations with Iran.”

A top goal of any foreign policy decision should be to keep the American people safe, according to the Congressowoman, who went on to say the President’s actions have weakened our fight against ISIS, strained our relationship with the Iraqi government, and forced the deployment of thousands of additional troops into an increasingly unstable region.

“This airstrike was the latest example of an unclear and disjointed foreign policy strategy. Put simply – this decision has failed to make America safer,” Congresswoman Blunt-Rochester stated. “I voted to make clear that the President must abide by the separation of powers and to reinforce Congress’ constitutional authority.”

Meanwhile, in Maryland, Congressman Andy Harris voted against the measure.

Congressman Harris issuing a statement saying, he fully supports the President’s targeted and proportional actions that responded to the attacks orchestrated by General Soleimani.

Harris went on to call some of his Democratic colleagues pushing the resolution, “Iran apologists” and expressed confidence in the President’s ability to evaluate all options in response to Iranian threats.

The House voted 224 to 194 in favor of the resolution.