Delaware GOP chairs under fire for homophobic, anti-Semitic language

Left to Right: New Castle County GOP Chair, Chris Rowe; Sussex County GOP Vice Chair Nelly Jordan

The New Castle County Republican Party Chair and the Vice Chair of the Sussex County Republican Party have come under fire for homophobic, anti-Semitic language used on social media.

New Castle County Republican Chair Chris Rowe has come under fire after he used homophobic language on Facebook, describing what he said as “locker room talk” and saying it wasn’t meant to disparage homosexuals.

Rowe, a longtime political figure in New Castle and now county Chair of the Republican Party, used the word “faggot” in a comment on Facebook where he was dismayed that the social media site removed a video he was trying to post.

“It was locker room talk between longtime male friends,” Rowe told WGMD’s Rob Petree.

In an interview with WGMD’s Rob Petree, Rowe explains…

“It was a word of impact and in no way disparaged anyone, any individual who is gay, or the gay community,” Rowe continued. “It was just an impact word used because I was p-o’ed (pissed off) at Facebook for taking down the video I was posting.”

Following the interview Rowe, the GOP of New Castle County posted the following statement to its Facebook page:[0]=68.ARDkSC4cLCsFx-qNg0zyCU07fujEAjBBrcvkzV5pAzGPQkV0d68Ay6QqW2WupL8zfq1yGDmPy1_Y7MriiemPFwUUNcBDy-rOndxy9Es2wMRZ9dTlnu8F_6PtGTZ3zldBYmJqbomeHs1hlPKnTLG76-LcLRH6dNSgqDnR_K-GXA0LcrsI2KG1Y7Em0–z-uixpu-hh2WRV4G-blnbO6nL0Abd-WZHe_1BFD2od-KhM98RL4wrw2D05TAYZ4ibDGvUCFSAXphzgiL2wObeBVezyUmJMI5CaxnMZjMAmSXRkcs1VGKeHxqrfaLsOGaxEesgFo6B9RTn-OsF6h8vitM&__tn__=-R

Sussex County Republican Party Vice Chair Nelly Jordan is being criticized for her use of what many consider anti-Semitic language in a Facebook post.

On December 10th, 2019, Jordan posted a lengthy post to Facebook where she singled out Jewish people, saying “these jews have been enrolled to come and testify.”

Jordan went on to equate the Jewish faith to “left socialist believers” and then said “God please have mercy on them, some of the Jewish people are doing today as it was in the Old Testament; go against God’s will even after he had mercy on them.”

WGMD’s Rob Petree spoke with Jordan who said she had no comment and then hung up the phone.

Several Republican State lawmakers have taken to social media to condemn the language used by both regional representatives of the state’s Republican Party, including State Senator Anthony Delcollo who strongly denounced the remarks.[0]=68.ARAtEfmJI8vmCXOxj2NW9ynkzSIYQbvfkRX7f09s3y_53ZOBZue1DOAwsG1v7BprsNgHwLMDvsmwDC3Se0a0cn5Le_1ROJF-2S9oLtgbMVClKwLrTcSSDaH-pU1G0mwPpBgKT53ohAAcRTWw-Jr-N3Vj3WZQGyg6lhbnaM3KDH3dEts4dqOtrNlbRs30IC9vqU59ZcEe9xFJC-pGce3G7pNWQusNEvki5GKJAFU7VHeVj0IjSBCc6xYJjUh-hsX3rW0xsxRjG9yc4eJ88lvFsVY62lp3f__TDdgFDKLFu2cCyuHEPNx7NBDernwps1PXllFIdikUAIWpuPYP31nX9Xcp&__tn__=-R

“To my grave alarm and deep sadness, it has come to my attention that two individuals with positions of leadership in the Delaware GOP have used language that I can only describe as vile and bigoted,” Delcollo stated. “I have spent much of my life fighting against racism, discrimination, and bigotry in all of its forms. Consistent with my firm rejection of such behavior and viewpoints and my desire that such hatred be eradicated, I post this to make one point crystal clear: we should all reject and denounce, unequivocally and in the strongest possible terms, the always odious use of bigoted words and the hatred that such conduct encourages.”

The Delaware Republican Party condemned the language used by the two in an updated story.