Delaware Gun Rights Lobby Endorse Senate Candidate

Following is a statement from Delaware Gun Rights:

The Executive Board of Delaware Gun Rights (DGR) has stated in the past we would not be making an endorsement in a primary race. Unfortunately, when establishing policies, you don’t always have a crystal ball to see into the future. There comes a time during the growth of an organization where it becomes clear that some policies must be changed, and this is one of those times.
We did not make this decision lightly. When discussing the Republican candidates for United States Senate, the Board of Directors had a thoughtful and spirited discussion about both candidates. In the end, we based our decision on the following key facts:
* One candidate has championed our cause since DGR was conceived, while the other hopped on board when he realized we are a powerhouse.
* One candidate has a record on voting affirmatively for gun control the other does not.
* One candidate stood with us at Legislative Hall multiple times. The other showed up to campaign, not to support our cause, at The Final Showdown.
* One candidate never asked for an endorsement. The other tried to fake a backdoor endorsement by attempting to create an event called The Final Showdown own on their own Facebook page using our logos.
For all these reasons we felt it necessary let our members know that the Executive Board of Delaware Gun Rights has voted to stand with and endorse Gene Truono as the Republican Nominee for United States Senate, because he stood with us.
Gene came to our events to support us; to fight along side us as we held back the assault on our Second Amendment and Article I Section 20 rights. He’s a real supporter of the law-abiding gun owner community, as proven in his actions – not just his words.