Delaware Lawmakers Look to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Lawmakers in the Delaware General Assembly have introduced legislation that would legalize the use of recreational marijuana in the first state for individuals 21 years or older.

House Bill 110 would regulate and tax marijuana in the same manner as alcohol, allowing adults to legally possess and consume under 1 ounce of marijuana for personal use. The legislation would not permit people to grow their own marijuana. It also would not have an impact on the state’s legalized medicinal marijuana program.

Other stipulations of the legislation include marijuana usage in a vehicle or in public remaining illegal, purchase only being allowed at authorized stores and a tax rate of 15 percent.

The bill is exclusively sponsored by Democratic members in the House and Senate, with Representative Edward Osienski of New Castle County serving as the primary sponsor.

Delaware would become the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana usage, and only the second to do so via the legislature rather than by ballot initiative.


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