Delaware among the least friendliest states, travel survey suggests

The First State is far from first when it comes to friendliness, according to a new survey that found Delaware to be one the least friendliest states in the nation.

BIG 7 travel company released the results of a new survey that ranked Delaware as the 48th friendliest state in the country, just ahead of Arkansas and New York.

“Delaware might be small – you can drive across the entire state in just 90 minutes, but that doesn’t exactly translate as neighbourly,” the company wrote. “Is it Delaware’s (possibly misjudged) reputation as boring what makes our readers think of it as unfriendly? Unfortunately it’s ranked as one of the least friendly states in America.”

The company surveyed their more than 1.5 million followers on social media, asking “what are the friendliest states in America?”

Minnesota claimed the top spot as the friendliest state in the nation.