Delaware State Police announce Trooper and Civilian Employee of the Year


At a ceremony held on Monday, March 2, 2020, Superintendent of the Delaware State Police, Colonel Nathaniel McQueen Jr., announced the winners of the annual Trooper of the Year and Civilian of the Year awards.

To help recognize the significance of the ceremony several distinguished guests were also in attendance to offer congratulatory remarks, including Governor John Carney, Chief Deputy Attorney General Alexander Mackler, and Acting Secretary of Safety and Homeland Security Kimberly Chandler.

Trooper of the Year

Each year the Delaware State Police Executive Staff selects one Trooper for the Trooper of the Year Award. To be nominated, a Trooper must exceed performance standards and be recognized by his or her peers, as one who epitomizes the Core Values of the Division, which are Honor, Integrity, Courage, Loyalty, Attitude, Discipline and Service.

This year, eleven Troopers were nominated, and out of those worthy nominees, the Executive Staff selected Cpl/1 Jean, as the 2019 Trooper of the Year, for his outstanding efforts and contributions to the Division and the citizens of the State of Delaware. Cpl/1 Jean is assigned to the Troop 3 Criminal Investigations Unit.

Cpl/1 Jean’s investigative knowledge and work ethic has contributed to the successful prosecution of multiple criminal cases. He works tirelessly in an effort to make Delaware a safer state to live and travel in. He works very well with other investigative units, and other departments both at the local and federal level. When commenting on his achievements, in true form he attributed his success to his fellow Troopers.

Cpl/1 Jean was also presented with the Randall Armistead Trooper of the Year Award on behalf of the Delaware State Troopers Association. Presenting the award was President of the DSTA, Lt. Thomas Brackin.

Trooper of the Year Nominees

  • Senior Corporal Jalal Kelsey – Division of Gaming Enforcement
  • Master Corporal John Messick – Intelligence Section
  • Trooper First Class George Justice – Troop 1
  • Corporal/1 Sean Rodrigues – Troop 2 Patrol
  • Corporal Michael Macauley – Troop 2 CIU
  • Corporal/1 Jean – Troop 3
  • Senior Corporal Robert Cowden – Troop 4
  • Trooper First Class William Schuele – Troop 5
  • Corporal Michael Adkins – Troop 6
  • Corporal/1 John Wilson – Troop 7
  • Corporal Stephen Douglas – Troop 9

Civilian of the Year

Each year the Delaware State Police Executive Staff also selects one civilian employee, for the Civilian of the Year Award. Civilian employees who are nominated for this award display outstanding performance and meet the following criteria:

  1. Exceptional service as identified by the employee’s performance evaluations
  2. A consistent record of such service through their years of employment
  3. Recognition by their peers for outstanding character and integrity.

This year, eight Delaware State Police civilian employees were nominated for the award, and the Executive Staff of the Delaware State Police selected Victim Services Specialist; Corrie Schmitt, as the 2019 Civilian of the Year.

2019 Civilian of the Year Corrie Schmitt

Corrie has been with the Victim Service’s Unit since 2007 and is known to consistently go above and beyond. In 2019 she was asked to take on a larger area of jurisdiction which included much more responsibility, 2 additional Troops and 6 additional municipal departments. The typical caseload for a Victim Specialist can range from 40-50 cases a month. Corrie began handling almost double that amount averaging, approximately 80 cases per month. In two different months, she handled 100 cases. She didn’t just handle them, she treated each individual victim with care and compassion, making sure that she provided the appropriate resources and assisted them through their experience in the Criminal Justice system.

Civilian of the Year Nominees

  • Joe Mulford – Headquarters Communications
  • Katie Pena – Headquarters Communications
  • Lawrence Parker – Communications RECOM
  • Nicole Rovira – Communications RECOM
  • Ryan welch – Communications KENTCOM
  • Brandi Ober – Communications SUSCOM
  • Corrie Schmitt – Victim Services
  • Richard Daniels – Troop 9

In addition to the Trooper and Civilian of the Year, the following Troopers were also presented with the following awards:

Exceptional Performance:

Cpl. Randel Abrenica, Cpl. Corey Bastianelli, Cpl. Michael Brent, S./Cpl. Todd Buchert, Trooper Jermaine cannon, S./Cpl. James Dempsey, Cpl. Jenny Gleim, Trooper Hasan Halis, S./Cpl. Bridget Harris, Cpl. Michael Harrison, TFC George Justice, TFC Kathleen Koff, M./Cpl. Craig Lewis, Cpl. Rosendo Luna-Lopez, Cpl. Logan Pavlik, Cpl. sean Rodrigues, Mrs. Corrie Schmitt, Trooper William Schuele, M./Cpl. Ed Sebastianelli, Trooper Zachery Sherwood, Patrolman Brandon Smith (Laurel PD).

Lifesaving Award:

Cpl. Jason Aviola, TFC Casey Breidigan, Officer Chelsea Chillas (DNREC), Officer Joshua Churchill (P&P), Cpl. Everett Eschbach, M./Cpl. Justin Galloway, Cpl. Christopher Garcia, Trooper Patrick Gaskin, Trooper Trevor Greenwalt, TFC Eric Gumbs, TFC Jennifer Hastings, Cpl. Donald Hickman, Trooper Dean Johnson, PFC Ashley Little (Laurel PD), S./Cpl. Matthew Long, Cpl. Rosendo Luna-Lopez, Cpl. Robert Mitchell, Trooper Cody Moyer, Cpl. Sean Murray, Cpl/1 Christopher Nicholson, Officer Thomas Passwaters (DNREC), Trooper Kyle Perry, Officer Jamier Powell (Camden PD), Agent Frank Robinson (DOJ), Cpl. John Scaramazza, Trooper William Schuele, TFC Matthew Skidmore, TFC Jordan Smith, Cpl. Robert Spanier, Cpl. Zachary Spudis, Trooper Anthony Stimac, Cpl. William Wallace.