Delaware Young Republicans launch ‘Support the 2nd Amendment Campaign’

Delaware Young Republicans

Delaware Young Republicans have launched a “Support the 2nd Amendment Campaign” to grow support and reach a younger generation on the heels of renewed talks of gun control from Democrats in Dover.

Utilizing social media, the group has been able to grow its membership greatly through innovative means of outreach, including a controversial video showing members shooting firearms at a local shooting range.[0]=68.ARB8qhAa8GGS0DX5P1aE3-Yb9DnG3K5J_zbnjKwP5CYide77yLDfWSlut4B-6Ibp8SLhS935QEAoTchONvsIK5p-GiLRBgSiwNbtXeacMU_P7Tj44Q0HwAu9OaPApAOii4XfNqaXRpUQBeXyVPOd0d3lLNkRse57hs29IRtd6VaQz4bmJliqqQdqIuS8oSHaVfUOcl5d1v0WB35ocqAmAXbFG-Xzkrs18b9ujxjVC4kM47-dIEthh-ErEZRoVQqJpSKA2Nn-ixHu-VZMQ1_R0CYW42Qcu4I6Qzf4yF8dByuvzPODe1EXPru9kiedIW3K8WiL-26FbRnXPvj5to3WGVVlFg_dailWQIaT5KtfiFKaWab83pIenqNJXsVtrS0u-JiDCOP0rgXg6DN0yndMIq_CIf9Jlkfjg-5wRnWHELHHNHJvnURCjR_nCSUx6s9CuGP4ijlYhbRkotXYbp3Mjz5ckUEJenQS_DRR0hOY_i2J5GreESjeUJMIvAcuoEXNhQqGBjlMTJ-4rVT7og&__tn__=-R

Delaware Young Republicans Chair Sam Chick appeared LIVE on WGMD where he explained how the 2nd Amendment is under attack in Delaware and why its important that younger people get involved to protect the rights afforded to the people under the U.S. Constitution.

In an interview with WGMD’s Rob Petree, Sam Chick explains…

“You need to step up and get involved,” Chick stressed. “Whether that’s in the Republican Party in general or here with us in the Delaware Young Republicans which is for ages 18 to 40.”

The group’s outreach campaign comes on the heels of renewed talk from Democrats in Dover of introducing another bill to ban so-called assault weapons.

“This what freedom looks like and this is what liberty looks like,” Chick explained. “We as a people should not want to live under a government that is afraid of the people having firearms.”

Delaware Gun Rights President Mitch Denham appeared alongside Young Republican members in the video. His group “stands ready for a fight” as a Democratic State Senator sought support earlier this year for her gun control legislation.

The bill would require a permit and training course in order to purchase a firearm, a process that would limit the amount to only one per-year.

The legislation, introduced and sponsored by State Senator Laura Sturgeon, stalled in a state committee last session.

“Democrat Governor John Carney and his flunkies Senators Townsend and Sturgeon have made it clear that they and their gang of far-left Delaware Democrats will not stop until the right to keep and bear arms has been utterly annihilated,” Delaware Young Republicans wrote in the caption of the video.

Legislation that would’ve banned assault weapons failed to make it out of committee the past two sessions, which many largely attributed to the overwhelming lobbying efforts of gun rights activists, specifically those with Delaware Gun Rights, who consistently show up in droves at Legislative Hall during the course of session.