Delaware’s 150th General Assembly Is In Session …


… although “Listen Live” audio in both chambers seems not working and the notice on the website says that neither the House or Senate is convened – yet legislation that has been worked is being place on the General Assembly website.

It was expected that just before the legislative session was to begin, there would be an announcement of the State House and State Senate of their intent to unionize with AFSCME Council 81. The organizers requested that their proposed bargaining unit be granted voluntary recognition by General Assembly leadership. However the GOP caucus of both the House and Senate released this statement about an hour after the 150th General Assembly Session began:

Joint Statement on the AFSCME press release:

We recognize the right of our employees to collectively organize.
However, in contrast to the statement issued earlier today by AFSCME Council 81, no staff member of the House Republican Caucus or Senate Republican Caucus was previously contacted regarding the possibility of unionization. Our staffs only became aware of this action today.
There are still many questions which need to be answered regarding this proposal.
State House Minority Leader Danny Short
State Senate Minority Leader Gerald Hocker

State lawmakers came out of the gate fast – and then stopped. In the first 20 minutes of the session – 4 bills were worked and voted. Then all action seemed to stop.

However, one piece of legislation – House Bill 129 was stricken. The bill was introduced last May and amended twice by mid-June. This afternoon the measure, which would create a mechanism by which school boards may increase funds for a school district both with and without a referendum became history. This bill also would have provided how certain school boards may levy real estate taxes.

The State House also passed House Concurrent Resolution 63 which extends the date by which the report of the task force for the Recruitment and Retention of Volunteer Firefighters for the Delaware Volunteer Fire Service. This measure has been sent to the State Senate for consideration.