UPDATE: Gov Carney Ends State of Emergency in Sussex County; Driving Ban Lifted at Noon


WILMINGTON, Del. – Governor John Carney has terminated the State of Emergency in Sussex County.

Governor Carney urges drivers to continue exercising caution on roadways.

A wind chill advisory remains in effect across Delaware until 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, January 7, 2018. Delaware continues to experience the coldest temperatures of the winter, and many Code Purple shelters in the state will be open during the weekend.

Since most Code Purple sites use volunteers to manage operations, the activation and implementation vary by county and site. To be connected to Code Purple resources, call Delaware 2-1-1 or click the Code Purple button at www.delaware211.org.


SUSSEX COUNTY, Del — The Level 2 Driving Ban will be lifted on Friday, starting at noon. DelDOT spokesman CR McLeod relayed the information to WGMD in the past few minutes. The State of Emergtency for Sussex County will remain in effect until further notice

While non-essential personnel will be allowed back on the roads, its still recommended you not venture out unless absolutely necessary. Side roads and backroads will continue to be dicey, and DelDOT crews can work better plowing when there are fewer cars on the road.

A Level 2 driving ban expected to stay in place until at least this afternoon.
“There will be a phone call this morning to discuss the current situation between DEMA, Delaware State Police, DelDOT, and the Governor’s office,” says DelDOT spokesman CR McLeod. “It will likely continue through the morning hours, but we will have an update on that, probably mid-morning.”
The driving ban restricts traffic allowed on the roadways only to essential personnel. According to Delaware state law, ‘essential’ personnel means employees or personnel who are necessary (1) to maintain the core functions of government, and (2) to maintain the health and safety of the people of Delaware.  The following persons are specifically designated as “essential personnel” under Delaware law: snow plow operators (public and private), utility crews, healthcare workers, and those delivering food and fuel.