Delegate Carl Anderton to Resign and Accept Appointment in Governor Wes Moore’s Administration


Delegate Carl Anderton in Wicomico County is expected to submit his resignation this week to take on a new role within Governor Wes Moore’s administration. Delegate Anderton has been appointed as the Director of Rural Strategy within the Maryland Department of Commerce. In a statement released from the Office of the County Executive, it’s stated that Delegate Anderton has served Wicomico County and its constituents since 2015 with distinction bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to his role in the Maryland General Assembly. His efforts in promoting rural development and constituent services, as well as in supporting local communities have been widely recognized.

Additional Information from the Office of the County Executive:

County Executive, Julie Giordano commented on the transition, saying, “It’s bittersweet. 
While we are sad to lose Carl Anderton as our Delegate, we look forward to working with
him in another capacity.  We know that in this new role, he will help with economic
development here on the shore.  His commitment to our community will continue to make
a positive impact.”   
As the Director of Rural Strategy, Delegate Anderton will focus on enhancing economic
opportunities, infrastructure, and quality of life for rural areas across Maryland. His
appointment reflects the administration’s commitment to addressing the unique
challenges and leveraging the potential of rural regions.
Delegate Anderton’s resignation will prompt a process to fill his seat in the Maryland
General Assembly, ensuring that the needs and voices of Wicomico County residents
continue to be represented.