Delmar Honors Corporal Keith Heacook, One Year After His Murder


One year ago, Delmar Police Corporal Keith Heacook was viciously assaulted and clung to life for several days before he passed away April 28th, 2021.

Delmar, Maryland Mayor Benjamin Jorden was not yet in office, but he remembers the initial shock of the crime, the way the community prayed – and how the community came together.

“I think that’s the most memorable part, that Keith gave his life and everybody unified,” Jorden told WGMD News.

On the anniversary of Corporal Heacook’s passing, the community will come together Thursday for a free concert and fundraising activity in Delmar known as HeacookFest. Donations will go to the Corporal Keith Heacook Memorial Scholarship Fund.

“We’re all really excited that we’re able to honor his memory and to impact the future generations that will be touched by the scholarship program,” Jorden said. “Every donation helps, for sure.”

The scholarship is designed to assist young people who are interested in a career in law enforcement or first response.

Corporal Keith Heacook is also honored with several flags that now hang from poles in Delmar, and Jorden says the town hopes to honor other first responders and members of the military in such a way in the future.

Jordan also said that several people are going through the police academy or are interested in applying to join the Delmar Police Department.

When asked how Delmar is doing, Jorden replied:

“Delmar is doing great. We have taken a full step forward.”

Delmar Police shared this message on Facebook Monday on the anniversary of the attack that would result in Corporal Heacook’s death:

The date that changed our department forever. This day a year ago our agency was turned upside. We all were awoken, by phone calls with voices cracking on the other line, only to be told to get to the office now. It was chaos, there were agencies all over, all with watering eyes, shock filled hearts and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. There were missions for all of us, then the news started to hit, how could it be that our beloved CPL Keith Heacook be fighting for his life. How could this happen in our town? Throughout the day the community poured in, our officers took shelter in our department all of us chomping at bit to find the next assignment that needed to be done. Find something to keep our minds busy to help keep the inner emotional roller coaster controlled. All while trying to hide the fear of the what could haves and the what ifs. Selfishly, looking for him to pop up and bring the laughter he always brought in the time of need. Then the continuous updates of his condition, hanging on to our hope and praying like some of us had never prayed before, knowing if there was anyone deserving of a miracle it was our Heacook. It was as if time stopped and our little town was stuck in a never ending nightmare. Little did we know the nightmare would only get worse, as the next couple of days dragged on. As this week continues we would like to thank each and every one of you who have been by our agencies side as we relive this “nightmare”, there is one thing we know for sure, and that is we are not fighting these demons alone. We ask that you continue to honor our CPL in whatever form makes you smile, as that was one of his favorite things to do, make people smile. 💙

(The suspect in the murder of Corporal Heacook, Randon Wilkerson, is scheduled to go on trial in late November.)