Democrats Ask Election Board to Investigate Governor Hogan Campaign Contributions


The Maryland Democratic Party is accusing Governor Larry Hogan of campaign finance violations and has requested that the State Board of Elections investigate.

Earlier this week, the state’s Democratic Party filed a formal complaint with the Board of Elections, alleging that the Governor took “at least 200,000 dollars in excessive donations” that they say were “in apparent violation of Maryland’s campaign finance laws.” The legal limit is 6,000 dollars per donor.

Chris Ashby, an Attorney for Governor Hogan has denied the accusations saying “Transparency and ethics were important values of the Hogan for Governor campaign, and we remain committed to them even after the election. Our campaign always has been and will remain committed to operating within the limits established by Maryland law, to making full and timely campaign finance disclosures as the law requires, and to correcting any bookkeeping errors promptly as we have done in the past. We look forward to the swift dismissal of this sloppy complaint.”

There is no comment from the State Board of Elections.