Dewey Beach Independent Auditor Quits


More problems for Dewey Beach. The town’s auditing firm, TGM Group LLC advised the town by letter last month that they have terminated their professional relationship as of February 19th of this year and will no longer provide services to the town of Dewey Beach.  WGMD was provided with a copy of the letter, which says that TGM’s most recent professional services were provided last year – including an audit of the town’s financial statements that was done a year ago and released last August.  TGM currently has no work in progress with the town and have returned any and all original records provided for previous work.  Town officials tell WGMD they will be meeting this weekend to discuss the search for a new independent auditor, however Mayor TJ Redefer and Commissioner Paul Bauer will be in studio with Mike Bradley at 7:20 Friday morning.