DNREC and DPH: Delaware fish are a bit cleaner, more edible than in past


Fish caught in Delaware are cleaner than ever cleaner and can now even be eaten by women and children, kind of. Thats according to new guidelines released from DNREC and Division of Public Health yesterday.

The agencies increased the amount of fish you safely can eat after angling in the Delaware Bay, off the coast, or inland rivers and ponds. Previously water pollutants built up in fish, officials recommended eating only a couple 8 ounce filets of bass, perch, bluefish caught in the Delaware Bay per year.

Officials say now pollutants like mercury are no longer getting put into local waters, leading to less contaminated local fish. Annual servings have now doubled or tripled for many of species caught in the Bay and Slaughter Creek and warnings about fish from Waples Pond and Prime Hook Creek have been lifted entirely.

However, women who are pregnant and children are still advised to be cautious with consumption, especially when eating large fish (20 inches or bigger). Also, there is still a general statewide warning for everyone not to eat more than one 8 ounce meal per week of fish caught in Delaware waters.