DNREC Issues Recreational Water Advisory for Bethany Beach


A recreational water advisory has been issued for Bethany Beach,
According to the Delaware Department of Natural Resources, elevated levels of bacteria were found in water samples that were taken Wednesday at Garfield Parkway. The beach is open, but swimmers are advised to use caution and / or avoid prolonged periods in the water.
Onshore ocean flows often bring marine life closer to shore for brief periods which may bring an increase in bacteria.
DNREC plans to take more samples before the advisory is lifted. Advisories of this type often clear up in a day.

In its advisory, DNREC stated:

These bacteria most likely originate from wildlife sources.  Increased rainfall, waves or wildlife feeding near the surf (shorebirds, marine mammals or other warm blooded animals) can result in these indicator bacteria washing into the near shore waters. Recent nearshore concentrations of baitfish and other potential food sources, such as sea angels or sea butterflies which have been observed in higher concentrations lately, increase the likelihood of wildlife feeding near the surf zone.