UPDATED: DNREC CANCELS Water Quality Advisory in Rehoboth Beach


UPDATED – 3pm – 7/29/22 – Rehoboth Beach officials say that a DNREC water advisory for swimmers in Rehoboth Beach between Baltimore Avenue to Stockley Street has been terminated. A follow up test has been conducted and no elevated levels of bacteria found.


Elevated levels of bacteria found in a water sample have led the Delaware Department of Natural Resources to issue a recreational water quality advisory for Rehoboth Beach.

Swimmers were advised not to enter the water between Baltimore Avenue and Stockley Street Thursday.

Rehoboth Avenue swimming advisory, July 28, 2022. Image courtesy WGMD/Alan Henney.

“A water quality advisory has been issued for Rehoboth-Rehoboth Ave Beach following bacterial results which were above the recreational water quality standard. These bacteria most likely originate from wildlife sources and increased rainfall, waves or wildlife feeding near the surf (shorebirds, marine mammals or other warm blooded animals) can result in these indicator bacteria washing into the near shore waters. A water quality sample has been taken at Rehoboth-Rehoboth Ave Beach and the advisory will be lifted once indicator bacteria levels are within the recreational water limits,” the advisory stated.

According to the City of Rehoboth Beach, such advisories are often terminated within a couple of days, as was the case during the most recent advisory that was issued August 20th, 2020. It was lifted one day later.