DNREC Mosquito Spraying Sunday/Monday


Weather permitting; the Delaware Mosquito Control Section plans the following insecticide application during the daylight hours on Sunday, March 24 and/or Monday, March 25, 2019:

Application of Vectobac12AS (liquid bti) with an airplane (registration number N263JC,N562X, or 3055M) to control mosquito larvae in flooded forested wetlands in the following areas:

In Georgetown and near Farmington.

For notification purposes, spraying will be done in the following spray zones: 116, 150, and 151.

All insecticides to be used are registered with the USEPA for mosquito control and will be applied according to USEPA approved label instructions.  The USEPA has determined that the insecticides to be used do not pose unreasonable risks to human health, wildlife, or the environment.