DNREC Promotes Alcohol-Free Boating Over Holiday Weekend

DNREC’s Natural Resources Police say they’ll take active participation in “Operation Dry Water” over the Independence Day holiday weekend, aimed at enforcing the law and preventing alcohol and drug-related boating accidents and fatalities.

Over the July 5-7 weekend, Fish & Wildlife NRP officers will increase their presence in Delaware’s waterways to educate boaters on the dangers and risk of operating a vessel under the influence. Enforcement efforts against operating under the influence will also be intensified. Boat operators found with blood alcohol levels at or exceeding the state and federal limit of 0.08 percent will be arrested and may have their vessel impounded, as well as face faces and potential jail time.

According to national statistics released by the U.S. Coast Guard, alcohol is the leading contributing factor to fatal boating accidents. During Operation Dry Water in 2018, Delaware NRP made 3,056 constants with boat operators and passengers, conducted 573 boardings, issued 46 citations with one issued for operating under the influence.