DOC Taps Lt. Col Monroe Hudson for Deputy Commissioner


Lt. Col. Monroe Hudson, who earlier this week announced his retirement from the Delaware State Police, has been appointed as the Deputy Commissioner of the Delaware Department of Correction. Hudson will begin his new position on August 19th. Current Deputy Commissioner, Alan Grinstead, has announced his retirement after 31 years with the DOC as a Probation and Parole Officer and Chief of the Bureau of Community Corrections and the past two as Deputy Commissioner.

Monroe B. Hudson Jr. was hired on September 16, 1988, into the 57th Delaware State Police Recruit Class. He began his career assigned to Troop 7 on January 2, 1989, during his Field Training Officer Program and then was later assigned to uniformed patrol at Troop 7 in Lewes. In January 1992 he distinguished himself and became a detective assigned to the Special Investigations Unit. He quickly excelled through the ranks of Corporal and was promoted to Sergeant in a few short years, with an assignment to the Delaware State Police Governor’s Task Force in January 1999.

Four years later he was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the Human Resources Section as the Assistant Director. In 2006, he was temporarily assigned to the Sex Offender Tracking Task Force as the Officer in Charge for a short time before his re-assignment as Assistant Director of Human Resources. Five months later he was promoted to Captain and assigned to the Human Resources Section as the Director.

After two years as the Director of the Human Resources Section, Lt. Colonel Hudson was promoted to the rank of Major where he joined the State Police Executive Staff as the Administrative Officer. He continued to excel and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on April 5, 2014. Monroe announced his retirement from the DSP on Tuesday.