Deadline Friday, July 6 for Public Comment on Revised Regulation 225

The Delaware Department of Education is seeking public comment on a revised proposed 225 Prohibition of Discrimination Regulation, which is published in the June Register of Regulations.

The department received more than 11,000 comments on a previous version of the proposed regulation. After careful review of that feedback, Secretary of Education Susan Bunting made responsive changes. The revised version:

  • Removes the provision that allowed students to make changes on how they were identified without parental involvement and adds a requirement of parental notification and permission; and
  • Substitutes the state’s suggested model policy for a guidance document to assist districts and charters in creating local policies.

Because the revised proposed regulation reflects substantive changes from the previous version published, the regulation has been published in the Register again with another month-long public comment period before any decision on a final regulation is made.  Secretary Bunting thanks those who shared their feedback during the first formal comment period and encourages the public to again share comments by Friday, July 6. All comments received will be posted online after the public comment period ends.

  • Email; or
  • Mail comments to the attention of Tina Shockley, Delaware Department of Education, RE: 225 Prohibition of Discrimination, 401 Federal Street, Suite 2, Dover, DE 19901

Comment submitted to other email addresses will not be accepted. For additional information, visit