Dover Man Charged in Bakery Burglary and Bicycle Flight


Image courtesy DSP

A Dover man has been arrested after a traffic stop – on a bicycle.  Delaware State Police spotted 56 year old Samuel Curtis riding a bicycle on the wrong side of South Dupont Highway – with no lights or reflectors on his bicycle.  Curtis was wearing all dark clothing and carrying a dark colored backpack and large metal box and refused to stop when police initiated a traffic stop.  Curtis continued to ride until he fell off his bike and was arrested.  Police learned that there was a forced entry through the front door of the Bavarian Bakery on South Dupont Highway and several cash registers were damaged.  Police found the metal box Curtis was carrying was taken from the bakery and burglary tools were found in his backpack.  Curtis is charged with 3rd degree burglary, theft, resisting arrest and other offenses.  He is free on an over $15,000 unsecured bond.