Dover Man Charged with Felony Drug Offenses after Felton Traffic Stop


Image courtesy Felton PD

A Dover man has been arrested by Felton Police on felony drug charges after a traffic stop for a seatbelt violation in the area of Route 13 and Midstate Road. Felton Police made contact with the driver, 28 year old Christopher Coleman of Dover and a female passenger and determined there was marijuana in the pickup. A search turned up over 232 grams of crystal meth next to the driver’s seat and over 4 grams of marijuana in the front passenger compartment.

Coleman was arrested and charged with multiple drug offenses:

  • Manufacture/deliver/PWID controlled substance Tier 3 Quantity (class B Felony)
  • Manufacture/deliver/PWID controlled substance (Class D Felony)
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia not related to personal use quantity marijuana or person under 18 (class B misdemeanor)
  • Driver must wear properly adjusted and fastened seatbelt (Civil Violation)

Coleman is being held at SCI in default of an over $70,000 cash bail.

The female passenger was issued a civil citation for the marijuana and released.