DPH Community Assessments Underway to Improve Future Health in DE


As part of the Delaware State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP), the Delaware Division of Public Health will conduct a series of community health assessments. These health assessments will help improve understanding of the health concerns and needs of Delaware communities and to improve the future health in Delaware. DPH has partnered with the University of Delaware’s Epidemiology Program and Partnership for Healthy Communities to survey each county. Teams of students and community members will go door-to-door to canvas households in each county. The program will provide incentives for completed surveys. Kent County canvassing begins November 10th. Sussex County canvasing begins on February 16th. New Castle is already underway.

Additional information from DPH:

The community assessments are part of a broader and more comprehensive State Health Assessment (SHA) underway through 2023. It includes hosting community conversations across the state, gathering and analyzing existing data, and convening a collaborative coalition. 

A State Health Improvement Plan is a long-term, systematic plan to address the public health issues identified in the State Health Assessment. It reflects the public health system and its strategic priorities, the state’s demographics, and the community makeup. A SHIP addresses the highest health priorities of a state’s population. These priorities cover various public health issues such as access to healthcare, infant mortality, obesity, and tobacco prevention. 

To learn more about Delaware’s State Health Improvement Plan, visit https://delawareship.org.