DSEA Leader Urges 6 Weeks Of Remote Learning To Start Academic Year

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The leader of Delaware’s largest teachers’ union calls for the 2020-21 academic year to start with virtual learning.

Delaware State Education Association President Stephanie Ingram says instruction should start remotely and continue for at least six weeks. She says this would allow time to further evaluate the “trauma” caused by the virus and its impact on students’ and educators’ mental health and well-being.

Also, Ingram says it would allow for more time to develop health plans for students and teachers who are at a high risk of infection.

Governor John Carney has said a decision about the start of the school year will be announced in early August, with some flexibility for local and regional factors.

Leadership of the Delaware House of Representatives Democratic Caucus, including House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf of Rehoboth Beach, also released a statement agreeing with the DSEA that starting the school year with remote learning is ‘the safest option available to us in the current climate.’