DSU Will Expand Inspire Scholarship Program Through New Legislation


Delaware State University’s Inspire Scholarship program will be able to expand.

Governor John Carney has signed legislation (Senate Bill 95) that would nearly double the average Inspire Scholarship award that’s available to Delaware high school seniors. The goal is to set them on a course to earn a debt-free degree at DSU.

According to Delaware State, more than 2,500 students have been helped through the Inspire Scholarship since it was created in 2010. DSU also highlighted their public service: a combined 175,000 hours.

“The Inspire Scholarship has attracted many high-achieving high school graduates to Delaware State University over the past decade,” Carney said. “Thank you to the higher education community and members of the General Assembly who continue to advocate for this important scholarship that encourages students to stay and succeed in Delaware after graduation.”

“The road leading here has involved two governors, three University presidents, far-sighted legislators like Stephanie Bolden, Trey Paradee, and their predecessors like Brian Bushweller and Darryl Scott,” DSU President Dr. Tony Allen said. “But today we’ve come together to say that virtually any college-bound Delaware high school graduate has access to a tuition-free college education at the nation’s most diverse, contemporary HBCU. Our prior INSPIRE Scholars have already contributed over 175,000 hours of public service, and we know that more than 70% of them remain in Delaware to start careers and families. This is the ultimate example of working continuously toward a win-win outcome.”