Earth Day Is “Try Transit Day” (For Free) In Del.


DART services will be free this Friday April 22nd in celebration of Earth Day, which is also Try Transit Day. There will be no charge Friday for riding any DART bus service statewide, including paratransit and DART connect.
The special deal is intended to raise awareness of environmental challenges that face the people of earth, but also to highlight the many benefits of public transportation.
We continue to make significant investments in our public transportation system statewide. From new transit facilities and amenities such as free Wi-Fi and cashless transactions, “Try Transit” Day is a great opportunity to rethink your daily commute or local trip without the need for a car to get to your destination,” DelDOT Secretary Nicole Majeski said. “Our more than 1,000 DART employees are ready to welcome you and help you get to where you need to be!”

“With the high cost to fill up your tank and the weather becoming warmer, it’s the perfect time to offer free rides to entice those who have never ridden the bus to see just how safe and convenient DART is.   It’s also our way of welcoming back former riders, and saying “thank you” to our loyal riders,” Delaware Transit Corporation CEO John Sisson said.

According to DelDOT;

DART’s “Try Transit” Day is part of ongoing efforts to encourage the public to “Dump The Pump” by avoiding rising gas prices and saving money by riding public transit.  Some other ways the public is invited to do their share for cleaner air include:

Share a ride with friends and fellow employees

• Walk or ride a bicycle for short, easy trips

If you do drive, drive smoothly and avoid long idling and jackrabbit starts

Postpone refueling your car until the evening – and don’t “top off” your tank

Postpone mowing the lawn with gasoline-powered mowers until evening

Avoid lighting your charcoal barbecue with starter lighter fluid

Use latex rather than oil-based paints