Economic Growth, Teacher Pay Among Topics in Governor Carney’s State of the State Address


Delaware Governor John Carney delivered his 2023 State of the State Address this afternoon from the Senate Chamber in Legislative Hall. Among the topics Carney addressed included the previous decline in the workforce in Seaford which had ripple effects through all of Sussex County, but he expressed optimism in current efforts to bring new economic opportunities to the area…

Carney says the Nylon Capital Shopping Center project has been a long time coming and will build on the hard work of town officials in recent years.

Teacher Pay Increase

Upon introducing the budget next week, Governor John Carney in his State of the State address says a significant increase in pay for teachers will be proposed…

The committee is now studying the issue of educator pay and will present the recommendations in November, but Carney says action needs to be taken before that.

Job Openings in Delaware Higher than Number of People Seeking Work

In his State of the State address, Governor John Carney says Delaware has thousands more job openings than people looking for work…

Carney says finding candidates for job positions is not a problem unique to Delaware. Every state in the country is facing similar challenges. He says Delaware’s ability to compete will depend on its success in building and attracting a highly skilled workforce, adding that colleges and universities in the state have never been more important in this work.