Election Security Measures Taken In Del., Md.


The integrity of the November 3rd election and protection of the right to vote are being address with actions taken in Delaware and Maryland Friday.

Governor John Carney is authorizing the Delaware National Guard 166th Cyberspace Operations Squadron to assist in election security efforts. The Executive Order is intended to secure its cybersecurity assistance in protection Delaware’s election infrastructure. The squadron will work with the Department of Elections and Department of Technology and Information to thwart possible hacking or other cybersecurity threats.

“Voting is our most fundamental right as Delawareans and Americans, and we will not take for granted the right to cast a vote and to have that vote counted,” Carney said. “Throughout our country’s history, Americans have sacrificed to secure voting rights for our fellow citizens. We have an obligation to take additional steps to protect that right from any cyber threats. This Executive Order is a proactive measure to do just that.”

Maryland U.S. Attorney Robert Hur, meanwhile, has named assistant US Attorney Leo Wise to lead the office’s Election Day program to oversee any complaints of election fraud or voting rights concerns in Maryland surrounding the election. Other law enforcement agencies and the FBI are also coordinating with the goal of preserving the integrity of the election process.

“The vote is the foundation of our democracy. Every citizen must be able to vote without interference or discrimination and to have that vote counted accurately.  We will always act appropriately to protect the integrity of the election process,” Hur said.