Emergency Order for Striped Bass Fishing Now in Effect in Delaware Waters

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The Atlantic State Fisheries Commission is requiring an 18% reduction in striped bass removals – however these measures are not preferred for Delaware.  Two management options were developed and Option 1 is now in effect as of February 15th – for 120 days.  This Emergency Order provides a recreational possession limit of one striped bass and an allowable striped bass size limit of not less than 28-inches or more than 35-inches in total length; except, in the Delaware Bay, Delaware River and their tributaries during July and August, the allowable size limit is not less than 20-inches or greater than 25-inches.  Delaware’s authorized commercial striped bass quota is established as 142,474 pounds. The result is a 1.8% reduction in commercial removals and a 20.4% reduction in recreational removals.