EXCLUSIVE | Mom speaks out after son was attacked for being gay at Seaford High School

Seaford High School – Seaford School District

A local Mom is speaking out over homophobic bullying at Seaford High School after her son was attacked for being gay and almost brought a knife to school following constant harrassment since the start of the school year.

Cherae Fraizer said her freshman son, Lamont Cloud Jr., has been the victim of harrassment on a daily basis and is often the subject of gay slurs and teasing since the start of the school year at Seaford High School.

WGMD’s Rob Petree speaks with Cherae Fraizer about her son’s experience…

“He went to go use the bathroom, walked across the auditorium, and a group of about three boys started calling him a faggot, calling him gay,” Fraizer said. “He had an incident where a boy and a girl were calling him gay and saying he was dressed like a girl and all of this stuff.”

Fraizer said her son was in the cafeteria about to eat lunch last week when he was attacked by a student simply because he’s gay, an incident that she said should be considered a hate crime.

Fraizer says her son was attacked because he’s gay…

“Just starts beating him up, punching on him,” Fraizer said. “My son said he didn’t even have a chance to defend himself. He said he was sitting down in the cafeteria and the little boy just started hitting on him. To me, that sounds like a hate crime, you did that because he’s gay. You beat him up because he’s gay.”

Following the constant barrage of bullying, Fraizer said she fear’s her son is at a breaking point and not enough is being done by the district to put a stop to it. She said her son almost brought a knife to school.

Fraizer tells our Rob Petree that her son almost brought a knife to school…

“You can sit there and keep saying stuff and saying stuff, and that’s where I think my son is at,” Fraizer stressed. “He brought a knife, it didn’t make it to the school, it made it on the bus, he dropped it out of his bookbag. This was like one of those knifes that you see on TV, them bronze knives, really cuttable, like that was the biggest knife I had in my house.”

Fraizer stressed that the school needs to step up and do something about the bullying because she doesn’t want to see her son or another student going through the same thing escalate the situation to a point of no return.

“God forbid, if he would’ve made it to the school and exploded on somebody then he would’ve been the bad guy when in all reality the other kids are the bad ones because they’re sitting here taunting him,” said Fraizer. “I want them to do something before it gets like that. I don’t want my son to be one of these kids you see on TV, shooting up the kids, stabbing up the kids.”

“I don’t want to lose my son,” she said. “I don’t want to lose him.”

WGMD News is awaiting a response from the Seaford School District who’s aware of the situation and is investigating.