EXCLUSIVE | Rehoboth Mayor refuses to allow nativity scene at Bandstand

The Nativity’s home at Grotto Pizza in 2018 after St. Edmond Catholic Church was forced to remove it from the Bandstand

The City of Rehoboth Beach will not allow the nativity scene at the Bandstand for the second consecutive year. This of course comes on the heels of controversy last year after officials forced a local Catholic Church to remove the nativity scene.

Rehoboth Mayor Paul Kuhns appeared LIVE this morning in an exclusive interview with WGMD’s Rob Petree where he reaffirmed his position from last year to refuse a local church’s right to place a nativity scene at the Bandstand.

Rob Petree’s full interview on WGMD with Mayor Paul Kuhns

“Unfortunately, it was placed on the Bandstand, public property of the City of Rehoboth, and unfortunately we had to suggest that it be taken down because of it being on public property,” Mayor Kuhns said recalling the incident last year where the city forced St. Edmond Catholic Church to remove a nativity scene that they placed on the Bandstand.

Mayor Kuhns was pressed over why he holds this position and if he cared that his position has deeply offended Christians throughout the City that he represents.

Mayor Kuhns is pressed on his position during an interview with WGMD’s Rob Petree

“I don’t understand why Christians would be deeply offended,” Mayor Kuhns said. “We are basically saying that on public property, with public resources comes public responsibility and this seperation of church and state is the city’s decision.”

Despite the fact that Christians, not only in Rehoboth Beach but across the entire State of Delaware, have expressed deep concerns over this position, Mayor Kuhns made it clear and final that they would not allow a nativity scene at the Bandstand.

When citing how the Town of Georgetown allows for a nativity scene to be placed in the Circle, Mayor Kuhns said: “Well, that’s Georgetown, this is Rehoboth Beach.”

Following news of the Mayor’s position, Christians, including Father Coco of St. Edmonds Catholic Church, are speaking out against the City’s decision, read more.