Family’s 13-Year-Old Dog Returns After Being Missing for Three Weeks


A Delaware family’s 13-year-old dog has returned after being missing for three weeks.

Reports indicate the dog named “Spanky” went missing several weeks ago. He remained missing in the midst of the frigid temperatures, some nights in the single digits with wind chills below zero. WGMD has learned two people found the dog beneath the porch of a home in Dover a few days ago. A veterinary visit confirmed the dog was the Yorkie Chihuahua mix that went missing weeks ago. Spanky lost weight, but showed no signs of hypothermia or frostbite.

The dog’s owner Sarah Kathryn of Dover was just 15-years-old when she got Spanky. She says she believes the dog escaped on January 11th through a hole in the fence while she was out of town. Kathryn says her dog is expected to be fine following it’s harrowing ordeal.