Fenwick Island Takes On Low-Speed Vehicles, Confusion Over Construction Holidays


Fenwick Island officials have plenty on the plate Friday

Council members have been considering a ban on low-speed vehicles, with the goal of keeping shuttles off Bunting Avenue in particular.

According to Councilwoman Natalie Magdeberger, Bunting Avenue becomes Fenwick Island’s de facto boardwalk during summer months.

“We’ve basically allowed that stretch of roadway to remain safe for pedestrian traffic, which is what our 10-year plan operates under mandates, that we try to make Fenwick a walkable community,” Magdeberger told WGMD News.

Also Friday, officials will take up a measure that clearly spells out the holidays during which construction activities are to be prohibited. The issue arose after a police officer told crews to stop working on December 31st, which was being observed as a state holiday because New Year’s Day fell on a Saturday.

“We are trying to make it easier for our construction partners to do go ahead and do their construction and make it clear in terms of what holidays will be closed for construction in Fenwick,” Magdeberger said.

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