‘Fish Of A Lifetime’ – Md. Record Swordfish Caught Off OC


Maryland’s new record swordfish took eight hours for an Anne Arundel County angler to bring in.

The Department of Natural Resources says the 301-pound fish was taken last Friday about 50 miles offshore at Washington Canyon. The swordfish was certified by David Hedges of M.R. Ducks-Talbot Street Pier, and has been confirmed by a Maryland DNR Biologist.

36-year-old Peter Schultz and his team were taking part in the Big Fish Classic Tournament, and captured the monster swordfish on a circle hook, Talica 50 reel, with 65-pound braid line and a 25-foot, 150-pound leader.

Schultz described the swordfish as a “fish of a lifetime,” and shared the credit with his team.

“We put so much effort into this,” Schultz said “Everyone had a crucial role.”