Five New Officers Graduate, Join OCPD Force


Last week, five new officers graduated the Carrol County Sheriff’s Office Training Academy’s entrance level police academy class, set to join the Ocean City Police Department.

Officers Margaret Hill, Chelsea Kautz, Elaine Miller, Patrick Scob and Jacob Street are pictured with OCPD Chief Ross Buzzuro and Mayor Rick Meehan. The five were formally recognized as certified police officers following six months of intensive training. Their fellow graduates stemmed from numerous law enforcement agencies from across the state of Maryland.

Officer Elaine Miller was appointed early on in the academy as the Class President and spoke at the graduation ceremony. Additionally, Officer Jacob Street earned an award for exceptional emergency vehicle operation.

“Each of our newest officers are former seasonal officers so we are excited to have them join us on a full-time basis,” said Chief Buzzuro. “We know that they are very capable of serving the Ocean City community to meet our high standards.”

After graduation, the new officers will enter a nine-week field training program on the streets of OC. During this time, they will perfect the skills they have acquired in the police academy under the direct supervision of veteran OCPD field training officers. They will be routinely evaluated and critiqued on their performance and will train with the various patrol shifts that make up the OCPD.