Flags for Heroes to Return Nov. 11!


The Lewes-Rehoboth Rotary Club normally on Memorial Day holds its “Flags for Heroes” event which is tied to a fundraiser. That is where the LRRC generates money which goes to good causes. This year the LRRC put its flags out on Memorial Day but did not conduct the fundraiser because of the Covid crisis. But now the fundraiser is scheduled for Veterans Day, November 11.

Bill Huntley, who was installing this display on Kings Highway this past Friday afternoon, says the LRRC is letting people know that “we wish them a Happy 4th of July and that we will be at it with our flags on Veterans Day and we are hoping they will sponsor us.”

A lot of people looked for these flags on Memorial Day, he said. The flags were out there on Memorial Day but they were honoring the first-line heroes, the medical staff, instead of being part of a fundraiser. “We did not feel it was an appropriate time to be asking people for money,” Huntley added. See the LRRC website for info.